22 June 2024

When can you study with the New Zealand School of Export?

The School offers a 'Flexi-Start'

This means you can start on the 1st day of any month - you choose!

Each module has a duration of 6-8 weeks.   Therefore you could complete your study  in a little less than a year.   However for most exporters, the Diploma takes 17 months from start to finish to complete.   We build in an extra month for the summer holidays, so please note that we do not provide any tuition during January.

Can you fast track?

Yes you can. Some of our exporters have finished modules within the usual 8 week period, but we work with you to make sure you are sufficiently prepared before you undertake any assessments.

What if you need to take a break?

Life as an exporter is busy and pressured. We also realise you have a life outside of work. If you need to take a break just let us know and we will work around your commitments. We can also be flexible on deadlines when necessary, although we always negotiate a new one to ensure completion of the course.


If you're ready to enrol, then what are you waiting for?

There is no better time to invest in your career and your business.

Enrol Now or contact us to discuss your options today: 06 356 5656 or info@export.ac.nz

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