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Country Quizzes

Note: this page will be undergoing some changes and reconstruction.  Thank you for your patience. Don't worry the quizzes will all still be here for you.  There is currently a separate answers page but this will be replaced.

If you want to keep on top of your game, try these Country Quizzes. Take the quiz to your next staff meeting or to morning tea and try it with your colleagues. Or, print it off and give it to your clients or hosts to learn more about the visitors coming to New Zealand for the World Cup.   Good luck! They are in two sections:

  • Quizzes for Rugby World Cup 2011 playing nations
  • Quizzes for other countries

Quizzes for Rugby World Cup 2011 playing nations


Quizzes for Other Countries


     1. New Zealand:   New Zealand Quiz.pdf  

     2. India:                 India Quiz.pdf 

     3. Samoa:             Samoa Quiz.pdf 

     4. Japan:               Japan quiz.pdf  

     5. United Arab Emirates: UAE Quiz.pdf 

     6. Turkey:              Turkey Quiz.pdf   

     7. Mexico:              Mexico Quiz questions.pdf  

     8. Greece:             Greece Quiz.pdf

     9. Tajikistan:          Tajikistan Quiz questions.pdf 

    10. Argentina:         Argentina Quiz questions.pdf 

    11. Netherlands:     Netherlands Quiz questions.pdf 

    12. Georgia:           Georgia Quiz Quiz questions.pdf          

    13. Canada:            Canada Quiz questions.pdf  



If you want to test your international trade knowledge, you could also try these quizzes from the OECD website:

OECD International Trade quizzes

For the Quiz junkie you could go to the Kwintessential Cultural Awareness Quizzes as well:

Kwintessential Quizzes

And if you want to test your knowledge of the Football World Cups with a quiz - try the 2006 FWC quiz for starters.


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