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Exporter Health Check

Many New Zealand exporters need help in improving their management capability.  In other words they have a concern about what they need to know in order to succeed and worry that ‘they don’t know what they don’t know’.  This is particularly apparent when overseas competitors win contracts over them with inferior and/or more expensive products.

The Exporter Health Check is a three-day workshop that allows exporters to review what they have done with their exporting; to identify where they want to go; to identify any gaps in knowledge and skills; and to create an export plan to get there.  The workshop can be delivered on three separate days or as a 3 day or as a 2 + 1 day course to suit a company's requirements.

The workshop is also an excellent way to prepare a staff  team for export growth.

How does it work?

The workshop (which is normally delivered on your own premises) starts with a review of the company’s past and present performance, including identification of problem areas.

The next stage is to systematically work through the key areas below in order to allow the owner or manager to acquire new export skills and knowledge that directly apply to their own business:

• Global issues affecting the business and how to prepare for their impact (such as rising energy costs)

• Global and NZ industry trends including ISO standards

• Competitor analysis

• Competitive advantages including using information

• Product and service adaptation for overseas markets

• Marketing including market research and e-commerce

• Human resource capability and development

• International trade logistics issues for market entry

• Financial planning for exports

• Legal issues – IP protection, agent and distributor agreements

• Risk identification and reduction

• Identification of key support available in-country such as NZTE

• Managing export growth

• Creation of an appropriate export strategy for key market(s)

Outcome for participants

What participants will be able to do for themselves afterwards:

• Review and improve their own export processes

• Replicate the structured export method and plan acquired above for other export markets

• Use identified sources of information for competitive advantage

• Feel more confident that they understand the issues they face when growing their exports

Outcomes for the business

• A comprehensive export plan which identifies the route to growth in export sales

• Increased exports in the short-, medium and long-term

• Increased profitability

• Increased employment

• Long-term strategic positioning within the global or key market

• Business growth

How much does the Exporter Health Check cost?

As a specialist distance-learning provider, the New Zealand School of Export has none of the overheads which larger institutions have to carry, so we can keep our costs down and still provide you with excellent resources and customer service.

The total cost of the Exporter Health Check as delivered on your premises is NZ$2,250.00 +GST.

NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme

The New Zealand School of Export is registered to accept NZTE Capability Development Vouchers.  Check the network of Regional Business Partners.

Our Clients say:

"The Exporter Health Check was commissioned due to a sudden large projected increase in our exported water treatment plants.  Very useful to have an outside view of what we are doing, and to highlight any deficiencies in our planning, setup etc.  The result was a document with a very wide view of aspects of our business which had been overlooked, or not even thought of,  and good opinions on what we are doing well, and with many useful links provided.

Overall, a very useful exercise which puts us in a good position for future exports."

John Coplestone, Industrial Chemistry Services, Stratford


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