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New Zealand's International Trade Quick Facts

New Zealand’s international trade is vital to the economy.  For students studying overseas trade, economics, business, and New Zealand history, and for debaters needing to know some quick facts about our international trade, this is a useful area of relevant information.   You should put it into your favourites, or bookmark it so that you know where to find it next time you need these facts.  

New topics will  be added periodically.   Click on the topics below for quick information for your assignments or debating information:

Test your International Trade Knowledge

Here's a quick question to test your knowledge of New Zealand's international trade:

Q. What New Zealand company based in Gisborne and ccurrently exporting to over 70 countries, opened a factory in the United Arab Emirates in 2010?

Information Sources:

  • Worrall, R.D.(2008) Pulling all the right strings.  IN E.nz magazine Sept./Oct. pp.36-39
  • and Look under Family-owned business enterprises in the New Zealand School of Export catalogue.


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