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Satisfaction Survey - October 2009

Meeting the needs of our exporters is of paramount importance to the team at the New Zealand of Export. Everything we do must add value to our exporters and alumni - otherwise we don't do it.

Please read some of the comments from our most recent survey - October 2009

What does the School do well and why is this important to you?

  • The support during my studies has been outstanding. The staff has been very supportive and pro-active at all times. This is important because it ensures I get the best out of my studies.
  • The School always provides me with help and assistance when asked. This was in the form of research, access to material and help in locating it. They also provided good service via email assistance with questions and thoughts.
  • Very supportive staff this is incredibly helpful when you are miles away and also working full-time.
  • Personal assistance, motivation and understanding.
  • I find that when I need an answer or send an email I always get a response quickly, which is great because often you want an answer before you loose your train of thought.
  • I found the staff at NZ School of Export to very helpful & friendly.
  • Support you in your studies and show the flexibility that allows career and study to cohabit. This allowed me to study whilst working and will allow me to increase the rate of study when I am not.

What does the School do badly and why does this cause you problems?

All respondents said 'Nothing' with the exception of one:

Can't think of anything that I'd say was "badly done. One area that certainly could be strengthened is the promotion of the Diploma as THE qualification for trade professionals. It still appears that many people in the industry arent aware of it as the top programme when compared to say a MBA or MBus from a university.

What do we do that is of no use to you?

I would say the writing pad has not had much use since I don't make much notes. When I make notes they usually are directly in the study materials. It is not necessary (at least to me) to get a new writing pad for each module. One writing pad for two modules or even less would be enough. However, my girlfriend uses the pads for her studies but as I said earlier its not really of use to me when it comes to the Diploma of International Trade.

Has studying for the Diploma of International Trade proven:

  1. Quite useful - 0%
  2. Some aspects of the course are useful - 0%
  3. Most aspects of the course are useful - 57%
  4. Extremely useful - 43%

How has studying for the Diploma of Trade benefited you personally?

It helped me better understand the various aspects of international trade.

It proved to be very useful to get a better understanding of how to better compete on a global stage.

I have continued with my business and believe in the fact that the business is a viable option. I have learnt a great deal in relation to my business and how I need to be thinking on an international scale.

Opened a whole new area of career opportunities to me.

It has helped me personally get the skills and thought process to advance in the world of trade.

It has opened my eyes to the modus operandi of the different countries, why they trade what they do, and the vast spectrum of international trade; the effects of world and country economies; and broadened my skill base when dealing with new and existing customers in a trade situation.

For me it has been good to keep my mind active and find it easy to study now that I have real experience to relate it to. I also find it refreshes and re-enforces already learned concepts.

It has increased my knowledge and the confidence I have in my knowledge which is even more important.

It helped me to better understand the various aspects of international trade. It also proved to be very useful to get a better understanding of how to better compete on a global stage.

How has studying for the Diploma of International Trade benefited your business?

It helped me get a better understanding and appreciation of the challenges the company Im working for faces on a daily basis.

It kept me focused and kept me going. Learnt a great deal about the international environment which I am now trying to put into practice.

It has given me very practical information which enhances my discussions with exporters.

It has helped my current work in a shipping line by giving me knowledge inside and outside the scope of my job, so as to understand the full process and requirements for the Import and Export customers, hence improving my value to the company. It will also undoubtedly help me, should I wish to pursue future business ventures in international dealings.

Greater understanding of different country needs in regards to export documents, market entry and financial transactions.

In terms of value for money, is the Diploma of International Trade is:

  1. Under-priced 0%
  2. About right 100%
  3. Over-priced 0%

What do you think is a reasonable price to pay for the Diploma of International Trade

I think the price charged at the moment is quite reasonable.

The current price seems reasonable to me.


I think the price is reasonable. If you made it cheap, people will get the impression it is not as highly regarded and may think it is easy. When it comes to degrees and diplomas, it is on a par with other courses and the support is better. The more you charge, the better resources you are going to get which also makes studying more enjoyable.

It is expensive but is value for money as the knowledge gained and service offered is worthy of the price.

What could we do to improve our services to future exporters?

You already do everything to make study as easy as possible.

Continue along the same lines. Maybe a meet and greet evening planned somewhere so that everyone can get together under one roof with a few drinks to network and meet others.

Offer extended payment options and/or accept credit card.

To be honest I cannot think of anything. I have moved overseas during my study and the NZSOE has made the transition very easy and I have never had problems. I have almost finished my diploma and would recommend the course.

Thanks to all of our exporters and alumni for their feedback!

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