18 July 2024

New Zealand School of Export Milestones - 2010


On 6 July the total number of catalogued items in the ELIS catalogue topped 1000!   This is a significant achievement because:

  • Each item has been selected for the contribution it can make to the work of the School in assisting exporters
  • Each item is given tags or headings that are appropriate to it and which help exporters to understand what the item is about.  Our main source of these headings is the Thesaurus of International Trade Terms from the International Trade Center UNCTAD/WTO
  • Many of these items are not catalogued by other libraries in New Zealand so they are a unique resource
  • Each item in the ELIS catalogue has been manually inputted - so we have the opportunity to describe it in the best way for our exporters

Later in July the Exporter Growth Programme was launched.   The Exporter Growth Programme (EGP) has been specially designed in response to requests from those exporters who wish to have the same information as is required to achieve the Global Trade Professional (GTP) designation, but who do not have the time to complete the Diploma of International Trade through distance learning or who wish to achieve GTP status.

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