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ELIS Information Sources

This page provides you with a gateway to information sources that you might not have thought of. Try them!

Search engines
Wikis and Blogs
Social Networking Sites for Business

Socila media or networking sites can be used as individual marketing tools by businesses, but they are also sources of valuable information.   Tapping into this information source is called crowdsourcing.

Articles from magazines and journals; Presentations

The United Nations offers free access to its database under Comtrade.   The Comtrade database will provide statistics of exports and imports between countries organised according to the Harmonised System Classification. 

The following databases are examples which will provide much useful information about export markets, products, companies and competitors:

Business & industry

Business & management practices

Proquest ANZ Newsstand

They are not available through this site but may be accessible through your Public Library. Look at the Directory of New Zealand Libraries for your library and check out their online databases. They may have other databases such as Ebsco Host which will give you access to similar information.

Yearbooks & Statistical Handbooks

Click for access to yearbooks or statistical handbooks for these ASEAN Regional Forum nations and European Commission members:

The New Zealand Dept. of Internal Affairs hosts a website which indexes publicly available datasets of New Zealand information. Click here.

Video & Visual Material
Web Directories
Other Web Portals

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